Buffet Trolley


Buffet Trolleys LONGA and MALLONGA

Consultation with various hospitals, healthcare facilities and our own specific experience has led to our new buffet trolleys:


The buffet trolley LONGA (pictured) and MALLONGA (shortened version of LONGA) are both suitable for serving cold meals, snacks and (cold) drinks. The left side of the trolleys is fitted with three refrigerated drawers. Only the LONGA has two uncooled drawers and the possibility to place trays in the middle. On the right-hand side, there are, depending on the type, three or four non-refrigerated drawers. If desired, in consultation the tray configuration can be changed in number. Furthermore the trolleys have an integrated waste container on the right side. The trolleys can also be completed with lights.

Optional they can be equipped with an electric drive.

Depending on the wishes of the user Gastro-Norm containers can be placed in the cabinet. The GN containers can also be placed in the drawers that have been made suitable for this purpose.

The buffet trolleys can be customized to your wishes, because of the highly modular design.


We would like to discuss the possibilities with you. Please contact us for more information.


Some references:

At this moment our trolleys are being deployed by:

  • Reinier de Graaf hospital, Delft/The Netherlands
  • Radboudumc, Nijmegen/The Netherlands
  • ZNA hospitals, Antwerpen/Belgium
  • Residential Care Center De Pottelberg, Kortrijk/Belgium